Friday, 22 February 2013

Noisy Contemplation

Just a quote this morning from Joyce Rupp's Prayer

Noisy Contemplation
 Some years ago I read an article by William Callahan in which he described a form of prayer in the marketplace called "noisy contemplation." Callahan pointed out that to contemplate means to "look lovingly." He emphasized that it does not take much effort to pray in the context of busyness. We can all do it. One way is by casting a non-judgmental, loving gaze upon every person we meet. (Some spiritual teachers describe this gaze as "looking with soft eyes.") Callahan advised his students to first extend this loving gaze toward those who have a special place in one's heart. Then, to progressively hold colleagues, and finally, strangers, with this same kind look (113).
~ Joyce Rupp

What a simple and profound challenge 

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