Thursday, 21 February 2013



I'm currently reading a wonderful book on prayer, most appropriately entitled Prayer by Joyce Rupp. I included a quote from her book in my last post and I will definitely be adding this one to my recommended book list. It isn't a new book (2008), but it is new to me.

Like many folks, there are times in my life when I feel unsettled and begin to question things in my relationship with God. Lately questions regarding the purpose of prayer have been milling about in my mind and heart especially as I watch people I care deeply about experiencing great suffering. Rupp's book doesn't neatly answer all of my questions. And I'm actually quite grateful for this. I probably wouldn't have believed her if she had. Instead she acknowledges how difficult intercessory prayer can be. I find that her words are helping to reorient me as I continue on my journey with God. She draws me back from the nitty gritty of prayer practices and structures into the heart and rhythm of relationship and this is a gift for me in this space of disorientation.

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