Sunday, 21 April 2013

In which I strive to be a resourcer

I love, absolutely love looking for resources, particularly for Christian formation. However, when looking for information outside of my sphere I find the incredible glut of materials out there to be completely overwhelming! Searching for resources on Amazon is almost a futile effort. So I often find myself relying on the recommendations of others who have taken the time to look over particular resources in their area of interest or expertise. I also really appreciate looking at resources at the Mennonite Church Canada Resource Centre since I trust their thoughtful approach in purchasing materials. I still spend time going over the materials myself, but getting recommendations infinitely trims down the stacks of books that I might need to plod through. 

Recently I've been thinking that perhaps this is the case for some of you as well. Maybe you're looking for particular books in the area of Christian formation and you're finding the task overwhelming, or you just don't know where to start. With this possibility in mind I thought I'd spend some time in the coming weeks/months just presenting some of the books that I appreciate and discussing the gifts they have to offer, and any particular shortcomings that they might have as well. 

I'll probably go about this in a fairly random way, picking whatever book the Spirit leads me to, however, if there are any books/resources in particular, or any genres (children's Bibles, spiritual practices, curriculum etc.) that you'd like to see me cover, feel free to make suggestions!

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