Thursday, 17 October 2013

Gifts in the Midst of Transition

The past four months have been ones of tremendous change for me, moving to a new province, meeting new people, and starting a new job, which is more like developing a new lifestyle in many ways. And in the last few days I've received some powerful reminders that I find grounding and precious.

~ The church is not necessarily where God is most present to us, but that amongst the people and in the time and space that is church, we are given the opportunity to be present to God.

~ One of my highest priorities as a leader in the church is my own spiritual and emotional health.

~ Being compassionate with oneself is the precursor to being compassionate with others. I am always being invited to deeper compassion, to greater gentleness, to more profound love.

~ My calling as a minister is not to fix things, not people, not systems, not anything. My ministry is not about diagnosis and treatment. My ministry is about awareness and openness to the movement of the Spirit in the midst of God's beloved children. There is health and beauty and giftedness present in all places and in all people. My calling is to listen, to draw out, to wonder, to encourage, to participate, to give thanks.

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