Saturday, 1 November 2014

Year of Prayer: Month 4 - Praying via notes of encouragement!

So this month, I will be focusing on prayer in the form of notes of encouragement. I have challenged myself to consider if this is indeed prayer, and the final decision was a hearty YES!

I believe writing notes to encourage others is a way that I can learn to see the divine in all people. This is a practice that requires me to stop and listen in order to hear the unique song or spirit that God has placed in each individual. It also gives me the opportunity to consider what I'm encouraging. Do I just notice and offer encouragement for things that people already do well? Or have I taken the time to notice when people are challenging themselves to grow? Do I primarily notice external actions, or do I also attend to the core of the individual?

I have to admit, that I'm pretty excited about this one. I had forgotten that I had put it on my list. I absolutely love offering words of encouragement and I often don't make the time to do it. The challenge for this practice, I imagine, will be intentionally making space, while not allowing it to become a task. Who wants to receive a note of encouragement because it was on someone's to-do list?

So - full speed ahead!

You are created in the image of God and you are amazing!

that's the line that's on our encouragement cards at our church  :)

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