Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Year of Prayer: Reflections on praying via notes of encouragement

During the month of November my intention was to engage in the spiritual practice of prayer through offering notes of encouragement to people. This is something that I love to do. I think it's very important for us to pay attention to the people in our lives, to notice what makes them glow, what gives them life, and then to call that out in them. For me, it's a way that I can begin to see the createdness of each individual and the gift they are to the world. 

That being said, it was pretty difficult to do this with intention without it feeling false or forced. Particularly since part of my month was taken up by online contract work (no face-to-face interaction) and part of the month I was sick and lost my voice!

I did have a few opportunities in which I could genuinely offer encouragement to people and that was a delight. 

More significant for me this month though, was the reminder that things will get in the way of my spiritual practices. On the whole, I have a fare amount of influence over my time and whether or not I can make space for prayer. Since we make a conscious effort in our household to not run ourselves crazy (which isn't easy and does take a lot of discernment), I can most often attend to my spiritual life. However, I cannot control being sick. There were definitely moments in which I was very frustrated that I could not engage in ministry work, care for our home well, or engage in spiritual practices. I basically did things to avoid thinking about my sore throat, my fever, my achy joints, or my inability to talk. So yes, I watched a lot of tv and listened to a lot of audio books!  That's just how life goes sometimes. And it was a good reminder to simply be in the moment and experience what that moment has to offer and that beating myself up about it isn't going to improve the situation. 

However, as much as I love those kinds of learning experiences, here's hoping December is filled with good health!

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